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How to earn $ 10 a day with PropellerAds 2019

Propellersads is an advertising network that allows us to monetize our websites, app, social networks, through some tools, such as; popunders, direct link, banner, and notifications.

You must have a website, in case you do not have one you can create one with blogger in just 5 minutes.

Next Register in PropellerAds and then go to the Sites tab.

If you do not have a website, visit our guide how to create a website.

After adding the website you should verify it, place the code in the header of your website.

Now that your website is verified we proceed to insert ads and start earning money, click on the approved website, click on create area.

Now let’s create a zone of popunders click on “Get Tag” then put any name, you will have a new code that we will place in the header of the website as the previous code.

Now the publicity will appear to every visitor that interacts on your web page, in this way we accumulate visits.

PropellersAds works with CPM, which means “Cost per thousand impressions”, this depends on each country and advertiser, as you can imagine the CPM of countries like United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, New Zealand will always pay more.

A trick to get many visits from home is publishing news or viral scandals and sharing the link of your post on social networks, so I recommend that when you create a web page you also create a channel youtube, instagram, fanpage, snapcha in this way emepce earning $ 10 a day from the first month, now with more than a year I earn almost $ 500 each week and I’m sure you can too, now I show you my daily gains and my last payments.

In the following screenshot you will see my last charges, propellersads pay every Thursday punctually, the minimum payment can be set to $ 20, payment methods use payoneer and paypal.

Register at PropellerAds and start earning extra income each month.